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Many people use patches containing Lidocaine, Fentanyl or similar opiate based ingredients as a method of pain relief and there is no doubt of the effectiveness of these in reducing pain levels in the majority of people. However, like all opiate products there are risks of addiction involved in their long-term use and there may be unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects in some people, including

Local irritation of the skin around the application site

Severe allergic reactions

Chest and arm pain

Numbness of limbs

Severe headaches

Fainting and dizziness

Irregular heart rhythm


Mood swings


Breathing difficulty

Blurred vision


Clearly if such symptoms occur the patient should stop using the opiate patches immediately and seek medical advice.

For people who experience such adverse reactions, and anyone who wishes to avoid opiates entering the body, there is an alternative pain relief patch available which is non-transdermal (nothing enters the body) and is free from these potentially dangerous side effects.Feel free to find more information at luminas products for sale.

The patches work on the principle of acupressure point stimulation, which is achieved by applying a small electrical signal generated within the patch itself. These patches are used in pairs – usually one on the point where pain relief is required and the other in a secondary position.

The products are classified as a class 1 medical device, contain no drugs and so can be sold over the counter with no prescription. They can be safely applied without medical supervision, however as with all health related issues you are advised to consult your health professional if you have any doubts of concerns.

The product works for both long-term conditions like arthritis and for sports injuries and sprains, tendonitis etc.and I have used it with good results for pulled muscles for myself and back pain for my wife.

So if you have had to stop using Lidocaine or other opiate based patches because of side effects, or are looking for a drug-free alternative in convenient patch form, these pathes may be the answer.